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Prescription And Non-prescription Circle Contact Lenses

Prescription And Non-prescription Circle Contact Lenses

Almost all circle contact lenses in CircleLens.com come with prescriptions.
To see if the product you want has prescription available:

  1. First, visit the product page you want
  2. If there are prescriptions available for this product, you'll see 2 drop-down menus for selecting left and right eye prescriptions
  3. If any prescription is out of stock, you'll see the word 'Out of stock' beside it. And it usually non-selectable.
  4. You can also check the range of available prescriptions in "Available Prescription" under "Additional Information" section

Prescription Circle Lenses

For non-prescription circle contact lenses or 'Plano', you can choose "0.00" from L/R prescription drop-down menus. If the product is a pure non-prescription one, there will be no visible drop-down menus on the page.

Non-Prescription Circle Lenses