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Dali Extra Size Brown

Quick Overview

Simply the best natural brown lens! Dali Extra Size Brown has it all, nice fading pattern to blend with your eye color and a little bigger enlargement effect to make you look fresh and young.

Additional Information

Brand Neo Cosmo (Neo Vision)
Diameter 14.2
Enlargement Effect ★★★
Water Content 45%
Base Curve 8.6
Available Power 0.00 to -10.00
Disposable Up to 1 Month (depends on usage)
Country of Origin South Korea
Certificates CE0499, GMP, ISO 13485, KFDA, UKAS 054

Availability: In stock

*Blister pack type. 1 pair of the same power per box.

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  1. LOVE! review by Sylviel on 11/11/2014
    Review Score

    This is my first pair of circle lenses. I personally do not like dramatic makeup so i hope i can find something that will go well with simple makeups. This is it! I have brown eyes, and this pair blends so naturally with my eye color as if I wasn't wearing circle lenses.

    Comfy level 10/10
    i have dry eyes. It is usually a pain for me to wear contact lenses. With this pair, I have no problem wearing it ~8 hours(sometimes 10h) with eyedrops. But I wouldn't recommend wearing them daily if you have dry eyes like I do.

    Design 10/10
    My goal is to achieve a natural look. If this is what you're looking for as well, you'll love it!

    Price 9/10
    I missed the Halloween deal when I purchased the second pair, but anyway it's well worth the $21.90. With a pretty face, you'll rock any dress!

  2. Great! review by Karen on 6/27/2014
    Review Score

    Love them as much as my sweet deli. Neo's lens are always always so comfy, I hope they never discontinue and circlelens can you please restock 7.5!? What am I going to do without them??

  3. Good! review by Wai Ling on 4/30/2014
    Review Score

    I bought Dali Extra Size Brown and Dali Extra II Brown, i prefer Dali Extra Size over Dali Extra II because it looks more natural on my eyes, very comfy, i can wear it more than 8 hours a day :)

  4. My second pair review by Amanda on 12/7/2013
    Review Score

    I love these lenses. They look very natural and the pattern blends very well with my natural eye color. The enlargement effect is very good without looking "alien like" . I love these so much that I will be purchasing them in more colors. They are more comfortable than my freshlook colourblends. They look very natural even in daylight. Perfect for everyday wear.
    This is my second pair ordered, and I also have it in grey.

  5. WOWOWOWOW review by Jessica on 12/4/2013
    Review Score

    OH MAN THESE ARE SO GREAT. they are very very comfortable&i probably wear these everyday for about 10 hours& there is absolutely no problem. These do give enlargement but it's also very natural. And I really like the color and how it's a bit darker on the outer ring. And shipping is ok but I'm really inpatient so maybe that's why.

  6. Best circle lenses I have found. review by Lucky on 9/28/2013
    Review Score

    Literally have tried about 50 different circle lenses and these are my favorite. Most beautiful size and natural as well. Really adds something special to a beautiful face. Lovely doll-like look yet subtle enhancement. Men seem to go crazy! lol I'm completely in love with Neo Vision and their lenses are the clearest and most comfortable for me. Please don't stop making them because I will wear them when I'm 100. Perfection! :) :) :)

  7. Very comfortable. review by Kimberly on 5/26/2013
    Review Score

    Great for wearing to school or work! These are very comfortable and the enlargement effect is very nice, dolly-like. The color isn't that noticeable since I have dark brown eyes, but these are a staple if you want a pair to wear everyday or for that ulzzang look. Will purchase again!

  8. Awsome review by wendy on 3/14/2013
    Review Score

    These lenses are really soft and comfortable. Enlargement affect is awesome. I expected theme to make my eyes look too big and scary but they came out nice and natural. Shipping was good as well. Received my package in about 2 weeks Definitely will be purchasing again :)

  9. Love it! review by chrissy on 3/14/2013
    Review Score

    Very natural and delicate design. Not so huge that you can't wear them without makeup.
    I am so in love with the subtle pattern that nicely blends with my real eyes color which is dark brown, and they have become my go-to lenses for everyday wear.

  10. Very natural review by Emma on 3/8/2013
    Review Score

    I love these lens, they are really natural and blends well with my dark brown eyes. Even though these are only 14.2 dia, it makes my iris' huge (since mine are so small) but not alienish. With a little bit of eyeliner, it makes my eyes pop and dolly. Comfort wise, these blow all the other circle lens out of the water! Neos has been the most comfortable brand for me compared to the other brands I own. When I ordered these, I got them in about 2 weeks which was pretty good since it comes overseas. I would really recommend this if you want something natural but some slight enlargement also.

  11. Bigger eyes! review by Au-Bunny on 3/1/2013
    Review Score

    This was my second purchase from Circle Lens! and I will keep on buying from this amazing website!
    Anyways, great lens. One thing I need to mention here is that they did a great job in making my eyes look bigger! Not gonna comment on the color, they are just natural looking. Not really noticeable on my eyes. (I have medium brown eyes). Comfort level 9/10.

  12. My favourite lenses so far review by Amanda on 1/1/2013
    Review Score

    Received the lenses 2weeks after ordering. I loved the grey Dali extra and bought it in brown this time. It looks so natural, whiile enlarging my pupils. It looks great and natural in all different lightings. Will buy another pair soon as backup. Love them! Great for if you want to look natural and makes your eyes appear bigger.

  13. Extremely comfortable, and natural looking. review by June on 6/24/2012
    Review Score

    Comfort: 10/10
    This will be my 2nd pair of circle lenses I own, and the comfort level is incomparable to my first pair of circle lenses , the GEO black twister lenses. The lens are really thin (so thin, I had some trouble putting them in at first, but you get the hang of it) it is comfortable. I cannot feel them at all, and they might be even more comfy than my 1-day acuvues. I wore them for 8 hours without any discomfort.

    Design: 10/10
    I'm in love with this pair of lenses! I definitively recommend these lenses if you are looking for an extremely natural, yet enlarging, 'dolly effect' lenses. The color blended really well on my dark brown eyes, no one noticed I wore them, yet the change is drastic. You will only notice until up close the design patterns, but it is still very subtle. I definitively feel more attractive with these lenses on :)

    Enlargment : For me it was a perfect amount of enlargement. I am not fond of overly big circle lenses either, because I don't want it to be obvious. But these lenses will still give you that dolly round eyes, without looking like an 'alien'.

    I will order from cirlelens.com again: They offer a wide range of contacts, yet the prices are not overly charged like some other shops, the shipment is free (and I have received them in less than 15 days); even their express shipment isn't overly charged as well! I love it!

  14. Natural look: 10/10 | Comfort: 10/10 review by Yina on 5/23/2012
    Review Score

    1. Color: The colour is very nice and natural looking for people with brown eyes. You can't really tell which part belongs to your real eyes and which part comes from the lenses.
    2. Enlargement effect: They don't make your eyes look as large as alien eyes, but still make them stand out a lot. I personally prefer a medium enlargement effect, I don't want people to see I'm wearing circle lenses but still want to have doll looking eyes. These lenses help you to achieve this effect perfectly.
    3. Design: The design is very simple, nothing fancy and it doesn't have a dark circle like most of the Geo lenses. Which is why they blend very well with your natural colour.

    1. Comfort: These lenses are definitely more comfortable to wear than Geo lenses. I don't feel them at all even if I move my eyes around fast. When I look up, I don't see the design or the colour of the lenses like I do with Geo lenses.

    Shipping speed
    The shipping was pretty fast! I got the lenses 2 weeks after I ordered them here. And I'd totally order from here again because the lenses are cheaper than some other sites and the shipping is free! :)

  15. comfy and naturel review by yu on 1/30/2012
    Review Score

    this pair is great for daily wear with minimal makeup, recommend to those who seeks a nature apparel. I think it did a great job in enlarging yours eyes yet the color blends with your own eye color so it does not look fake. Very comfortable too~

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Dali Extra Size is a new version of the former best seller Dali Chocolate from NEO Vision. It comes with an extra enlargement effect, but still retains 14.2mm diameter which should be comfortable for all wearers. The simple pattern gives you enough color to be noticed, and the small brown edge completes the softness to your look. Dali Extra Brown is recommended to those who want natural brown eyes with a little big enlargement effect. If you like the old Dali Sweet Choc, you’ll definitely fall in love this Dali Extra Size Brown!