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Dali II Brown

Quick Overview

Dali II Brown is another new model in the famous Dali series from Neo Vision. It comes with twirling pattern and a dark chocolate brown color that blends very well with Asian eye color.

Additional Information

Brand Neo Cosmo (Neo Vision)
Diameter 14.2
Enlargement Effect ★★
Water Content 45%
Base Curve 8.6
Available Power 0.00 to -10.00
Disposable Up to 1 Month (depends on usage)
Country of Origin South Korea
Certificates CE0499, GMP, ISO 13485, KFDA, UKAS 054

Availability: In stock

*Blister pack type. 1 pair of the same power per box.

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  1. Happy with the lenses! review by My on 7/26/2013
    Review Score

    I got my lenses after 9 working days, very fast shipping to Europe! The lenses melt in to your dark brown eyes and look suuuper natural both in daylight, inside home and on photos. Personally Neo lenses are always comfortable to wear and look beautiful without people making notice of "fake big eyes". I am pleased with this purchase and will come back to buy some more ;)

  2. Natural & comfortable! review by Valerie on 5/26/2013
    Review Score

    This is the most natural looking circle lenses I have tried. The colour perfectly matches my dark brown eyes, and the design is very subtle. The enlargement is very minimal, I think it made my eyes stand out just a bit more, although nobody could tell I was wearing circle lenses! It also has this watery effect, which makes my eyes look very innocent. The lenses itself was very soft, and very comfortable to wear. It didn't feel dry whatsoever and I didn't have to put eye drops throughout the day, unlike other circle lenses I have tried. Service is also very good! I had no problems with shipping either. I took two weeks to arrive, which is normal since I live in australia, and the lenses came safely in a sturdy package. Overall, no regrets!!! :)

  3. Very natural review by cchw on 5/5/2013
    Review Score

    Dali II Brown is very natural, it enlarges just a bit. The colour is like a medium brown. I have dark brown eyes and it looks pretty much the same colour on. It's very comfortable also. I would definitely recommend this circle lens.

  4. I lub it!!!....kinda review by Jessica on 3/1/2013
    Review Score

    After waiting like 28724768214 days, it finally came! But then I had to wait another 8 hours for it to soak in the solution :( The lens itself is dark-brown, but once you put them on, it kinda just blends with your eye and gives it a very natural-look. I really like how the edges of the color isn't solid and sharp. It has a more soft edge like a real iris. Oh and these are so super oober comfortable!!!!! Sometimes I decide I'm gonna be a rebel and wear these for like 10 hours plus(I know, so BA), and it doesn't seem to irritate my eyes...well sometimes. Ok well overall I like these...cause my original irises are so annoying tiny and these make it bigger heh heh

  5. This is the most natural circle lenses I've ever wear!!! review by Jess on 11/19/2012
    Review Score

    I was looking for a natual circle lenses that can also enlarge my eyes. This product is just what I wanted!

  6. Comfortable, natural-looking enlargement review by Rolari on 8/18/2012
    Review Score

    I love, love, love these. I've been looking for a natural-looking pair to wear to work. I usually wear Geo Grang-Grang chocolates, but they look unnaturally large, and it's obvious I'm wearing contacts in certain lighting. In contrast, the Dali IIs match eye colour perfectly and give definite, but natural enlargement. They are also incredibly comfortable. It's like they're not even there. My Geos seem so uncomfortable in comparison. These are my new contact lenses.

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Dali II Brown is another new model in the famous Dali series from Neo Vision. It comes with twirling pattern and a dark chocolate brown color that blends very well with Asian eye color. Comparing to Dali Extra Size Brown, Dali II Brown has darker color and smaller print size. If you have dark brown eyes and looking for a circle lens for everyday look, Dali II Brown would definitely be your “must have” item!