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Frequently Asked Questions

General Shipping
Product Payment

General Questions

If I do not receive the product(s), what should I do?

In case you do not receive the product(s) within the time stated in the shipping information page, please follow these steps:

1. Check delivery status by using tracking number given to you to track whether the product(s) has arrived your country or not. If the product(s) arrived, please contact your local post office (in case you gave wrong address or postman can not find your house, you then can tell the Post the correct route to your house immediately.

2. If you check delivery status by using tracking number and found out that the parcel has not yet arrived your country, please inform us at e-mail: info@circlelens.com. We will check with the Post Office of origin and will inform you within 3 working days.

If my package is returned, what should I do?

It usually takes about 1 month for your package to return to us. After, we receive the returned package, you can choose between the following choices.

1. Resend the package - You need to pay for the extra shipping cost, starting from 5 USD/pair.

2. Get a refund - The shipping cost that we’ve already paid will be deducted from the total amount of your refund.

Would like to know new promotions from the shop, what should I do?

You can keep track of our shop’s promotions and special offers from the following channels:

How do I know whether product(s) I want to order is/are in stock?

All products you can click purchase (add to cart) are products in stock and ready to deliver. For out of stock product(s), it will be shown as ‘Out of Stock’ and unable to click purchase (add to cart). For the product(s) which run out of stock just some eye sight degrees, the out-of-stock eye sight degree(s) will be removed from the option in that product page. So you can not order it as well.

If any product(s) out of stock caused by our own mistake in inventory checking or there is any customer buying the same product(s) in bulk while you are clicking purchase that product and it then becomes out of stock, we are pleased to refund you in full.

Can I order different prescriptions for left and right eyes?

Yes, you can select different prescriptions when adding the product into your basket. However, some of the prescriptions are from different lot, causing a variation of color/pattern/size due to different production time. If this happen, we will let you know, and your order will be held until we hear from you.

Product Questions

What is Diameter?

Diameter (DIA) is a number indicating how big the circle lens is. It is measured from the widest point across circle lenses, normally ranging from 14.0 mm - 15.0 mm. The best way to know which diameter suits you is to consult your eye doctor. In general, if you have small eyes, it is more comfortable to wear smaller diameter.

What is Enlargement Effect?

Enlargement effect represents the width of color printed on circle lens, measures while flattened. The larger effect, the larger your eyes will appears to be when wearing the lens. Serving only as a fashion indicator, enlargement effect may not depends on the diameter of the lens, and it has nothing to do with comfort of the wearers.

How to determine circle lenses authentication?

All lenses sold in our shop are genuine from manufacturers in Korea. Customers can use LOT number and date of manufacture on the bottle of contact lens to check with manufacturer whether the lens is derived from the manufacturer or not.

For GEO brand lens, the way to check its genuinity is different. On every bottle of GEO brand lens, there is a sticker used for checking genuine lens, called 'GEO Anti-Fake Check'. Customer then can scrape off a code and use that code to check on GEO website to ensure whether the lens he/she received actually came from GEO or not as well.

To validate GEO lenses's Anti Fake code, please visit GEO's Website and click "Fogery Checking System"

Are contact lenses in CircleLens.com safe?

All lenses in our shop are lenses from high quality manufacturers in South Korea. Each manufacturer received Safety Certificate(s) from many institutions in both domestic and international. You can be assured that the lenses we sell are highly safe. Also, you can contact us if you want to see all certificates from lens manufacturers.

Shipping Questions

How do I know that my order is sent?

Every order will be sent on the day of your payment confirmation or on the next business day (Monday to Saturday). After the parcel is dispatched, you will get an update status and tracking no. via email.

The shipping status says “Notice Left”, but I don’t find any notice, what should I do?

When there is an attempt of delivery, it means that your package is already at your local post office. If you do not find any notice, you can directly contact your local post office and give them your HK tracking number to arrange a re-delivery.

I check my shipping status, but it does not update for a few days, what is happening?

It is normal for the status to be frozen from time to time, especially during holidays. You can be at ease if it is still no longer than 15 days.

Payment Questions

What is credit card do you accept?

You can choose to make payment by any of these credit cards:

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover

All payments will be processed safely through Paypal. You can also make payment from your Paypal account if you have one.

Do I need a Paypal account to make payment?

No you don't need one. There is an option "Don't Have a Paypal Account?" on the bottom of Paypal payment page that let you make payment by credit card instead of using Paypal account.