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Glamour Grey

Quick Overview

The best European style circle lens, 3 Tone Glamour Grey changes your eye color neatly into a light grey color, and softens your look with its tiny little lines.

Additional Information

Brand Neo Cosmo (Neo Vision)
Diameter 14.2
Enlargement Effect ★★
Water Content 45%
Base Curve 8.6
Available Power 0.00 to -10.00
Disposable Up to 1 Month (depends on usage)
Country of Origin South Korea
Certificates CE0499, GMP, ISO 13485, KFDA, UKAS 054

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*Blister pack type. 1 pair of the same power per box.

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  1. Best Grey Opacity for Dark Eyes review by Minh on 8/10/2015
    Review Score

    Compared to Queen Grey, Glamour Grey offers more in terms of colour and a lot lighter and more noticeable. I'm Asian and I looked mixed with these. I personally enjoyed this pair of lenses a lot. There is absolutely no enlargement. This is made to change your eye colour dramatically in the most natural way possible. Comfort is always a plus for any Neo lens. I would recommend these for anyone who want light-blue/grey eyes.

  2. So gorgeous, planning on buying more review by Angela on 9/10/2014
    Review Score

    I ordered this Glamour Grey along with a Glamour Purple. I wonder if the other colors from this brand are as fantastic! These lenses were very comfortable, and blended well with my dark brown eyes. Not that big of an enlargening effect which I like, but if you're looking for contacts that make your eyes look a lot bigger, maybe Glamour is not the right brand for you.

    They did rip earlier than my other pair, unfortunately. But I will definitely be purchasing these again after finishing up my other contacts.

  3. It really depends on the person review by June on 9/22/2013
    Review Score

    I have these pairs on this site a while ago.

    I have to admit, I have only worn these lenses 5 times.

    They are very pretty lenses, they look great on some people, but on me, it was a little unnatural. (I have very dark eyes) and these are harder to wear, since I feel like I need to wear more eye make up to rock this look!

    I am thinking of purchasing the 4 tones one instead, since it seems to blend in better.

    But overall; these lenses were VERY comfortable (so thin!) , and the opacity was perfect.

    I would say these look more light blue, than grey.

  4. Beautiful ! So review by Tiffany on 7/25/2013
    Review Score

    These lenses are beautiful and so comfortable , the design makes them so natural..Im Asian and my eyes are dark brown, almost black. When I put these lenses on, my eyes turned into an icy-gray color ! They don't have that much of an enlargement .. But they can make your eyes stand out , really unique <3 IM IN LOVE WITH THESE

  5. I LOVE these contacts review by Karen on 6/25/2013
    Review Score

    This is the second time I have bought these contacts and I totally love them. The color is just beautiful, they change my dark brown eyes to a light, natural looking gray, and most people compliment my eye color. I have tan skin, and people say that my eye color stands out with my skin tone. The eye color change is dramatic, but at the same time natural looking, so people that see you for the first time will think it's your natural color, These are the most comfortable contacts I own, I wear them for 4 to 6 hours a day, and I can wear them for longer. It took exactly two weeks for my package to arrive, and they were well wrapped. I love this site because the shipping is always free!

  6. My absolute favorite review by Emma on 3/8/2013
    Review Score

    This was my very circle lens I bought and it's my favorite lens out of the small collection I now own. These lens are very opaque and it is really vibrant on my dark brown eyes. It looks so awesome! It doesn't enlarge much but that's why I like them. It looks so natural that people have told me they love my eyes lol. They are super comfortable for me too. Overall this was probably my best buy! Totally recommend it from this site because they have awesome customer service!

  7. Not impressed by the colour review by Amanda on 11/3/2012
    Review Score

    I expected a darker shade of gray from these lenses because I had also bought these in green, and the colour was darker. The light grey looked very opaque and unnatural on my dark brown eyes. They were very comfortable, but I did not like the look of them on me, although I had seen how beautiful they looked on other people who had reviewed this lens online. They service was great, and I received the lenses in good condition in 2 weeks time. I will still order from the glamour series because I love my green pair, so it was probable the colour blending of the grey pair that did not look good on me.

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Glamour Series is glamorous with its unique tiny lines that form the edge of the circle lens instead of a normal bold line. The series consists of seven colors to suit your style, blue, green, violet, brown, gray, aqua, hazel and honey. Glamour Grey is a well blended 3 tone color lens, with a light grey as its primary color. It is recommended for those who want to change color of their eyes neatly, with not much enlargement effect.