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Monet Brown

Quick Overview

Monet Series is one of the all time favourite designs from NEO Vision. If you are looking for a very natural lens with NO enlargement effect, Monet Brown is just for you.

Additional Information

Brand Neo Cosmo (Neo Vision)
Diameter 14.2
Enlargement Effect
Water Content 45%
Base Curve 8.6
Available Power 0.00 to -10.00
Disposable Up to 1 Month (depends on usage)
Country of Origin South Korea
Certificates CE0499, GMP, ISO 13485, KFDA, UKAS 054

Availability: In stock

*Blister pack type. 1 pair of the same power per box.

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  1. LOVE! review by Pat on 1/12/2015
    Review Score

    These are my everyday contacts! so natural ans comfortable!

  2. Very natural looking lenses! review by Jenny on 1/4/2015
    Review Score

    Very natural looking lenses!:)

  3. Very natural brown, no enlargement review by Vy on 9/25/2014
    Review Score

    No one was able to tell i was wearing colored contact lenses. Very natural, amazing product!

  4. best lens ever!! review by Thikrayat on 6/5/2014
    Review Score

    best contact lens I've ever worn, it is very comfortable even though I wear it for more than 11 hours sometime and I never need to use eye drops.
    not to mention it's natural look that makes it good for daily use, you can even wear without makeup.
    what I really love about this lens is that it instantly make you look awake, which is really amazing for mornings when you have no time to wear makeup.
    I recommend it to anyone who is looking for natural lenses suitable for daily use.

  5. AMAZING! MUST BUY review by life1231 on 5/6/2014
    Review Score

    These are the most comfortable, natural lenses I have ever worn! I have bought many different types of circle lenses but these by far are the most natural looking lenses. I have medium size Asian eyes and these just spark enough color and enlargement! You can tell when you aren't wearing these lenses and when you are. The comparison is there but it is a natural comparison! I have bought from this site once and I keep on coming back the service, and delivery time is very fast! Love the product and the site! I would love to recommend this to anyone looking for natural looking lenses!

  6. Most natural brown contacts review by Lena on 4/1/2014
    Review Score

    This is by far the most natural and attractive looking brown lenses. The effect is so real yet alluring.
    I own all 3 colors of Monet series and also Chagal. They are my favorite go-to lenses for everyday wears.
    This is my third pair purchase from circilens.com. I initially had a problem with the first pair but circlelens.com replaced it quickly with my subsequent purchase. Always very fast and professional service! Thank you.

  7. Best natural lens!!! review by Ella on 1/31/2014
    Review Score

    I wear these to school because it's so natural and no one notices it! These don't enlarge my eyes however they do enhance them. Many people think I look more awake and 'brighter' when I have these on but they can't put a finger on why. I don't wear eye makeup so these are perfect for the naked eye lol.

  8. like it! review by Amy on 1/2/2014
    Review Score

    These are the most natural circle lens. My friends didn't notice them that's because the enlargement effect of these lenses are so natural. It's great for beginner!

  9. You WILL have halo effect if you have small irises! review by Rachelle on 12/26/2013
    Review Score

    Boy, when they say that these lenses have NO enlargement effect, they really mean it (it's totally fine with me since I wanted a lens without any enlargement). These lenses were only about a millimeter, if any, bigger in diameter than my normal irises, which are quite small, but it's definitely not something that anyone but you would probably notice. I'd rate these lenses a 0.1/5 for enlargement.

    As a Southeast Asian person with really small irises, these thing have a pretty obvious halo effect on me since these lenses are almost completely invisible aside from the very faint, light brown rim. I'm sure that the first day I wear these babies out, someone will ask me about them. :( Other than the halo effect, these things are pretty natural for those who have the appropriate iris size to fit these. I give these lenses a 4/5 since the halo effect makes them look pretty obvious and unnatural on my eyes.

    No complaints here; they're Neo Vision after all. I guarantee these lenses are the most comfortable lenses you can buy. :)

    TL;DR. Buy these lenses if you don't mind the halo effect (halo effect won't occur if you have normal to bigger irises), have brown eyes, and desire a comfier alternative to regular, clear lenses.

  10. Best daily lenses! review by Becca on 11/29/2013
    Review Score

    I love these lenses. I've tried on many lenses in the past that were meant to look natural but I didn't realize how unnatural they looked until I tried these. They are super comfortable and have a very natural enlargement effect. If you are looking for a lot of enlargement, these aren't for you. These are perfect for people who want an every day lense that adds definition to your eyes.

  11. Best Natural Looking Circle Lenses review by Jia on 7/12/2013
    Review Score

    The enlargement effect of this lens is very natural because of the soft limbal ring. Nobody will know you are wearing circle lenses but there will still be a soft enlargement effect. It is great. I think these are my favorite brown circle lenses. I prefer a natural look when it comes to lenses and these by far exceed my expectations.

  12. Best Natural Looking Lenses EVER review by Jenny on 6/14/2013
    Review Score

    These are the most natural and comfortable circle lenses I have ever tried. The brown color matches my eyes perfectly. There will be a slight to no enlarging effect based on how big your eye irises are but these make your eyes appear clearer and more pronounced. These are the only circle lenses I wear and I always, ALWAYS get them from here. Faster shipping than most other websites, shipping is always free, and they come packaged in a simple and cute box.

  13. very natual very comfortable review by Ellen on 2/11/2013
    Review Score

    This item is the natualest one that I bought! When I wear it most of my friend cannot recognize i have ! Will buy again!

  14. amazingly natural! review by Cristina on 10/20/2012
    Review Score

    So they came in just today and I just tried them on, they are sooo natural looking, very thin and comfortable. Im waiting a day to use them because its been in the bottle quite awhile. Not fake looking at all, they look like your real eye colors. A little more brown to make a little bit of a difference, but its a must buy for first timers, if ur looking for a natural looking contacts that is. My pupils has a diaphram of 14.0 ish, it made no enlargement to them, so its even better for me! The shipping, well, it went into customs and took a little bit of 2 weeks. But its fine. the price is very reasonable. I will buy more from this place, very secured with paypal ! :)

  15. Ehh review by Jenna on 7/27/2012
    Review Score

    When I first ordered them I was so excited because of all the good reviews. However, when I tried them on, my heart sank. I was soooo disappointed because it did not enhance my eyes. There was barely any difference. It is perfect for those who want not much of an enlargement and subtle look. My Geo 14.00 diameter ones were even bigger than these...but I will still wear them occasionally though because they are very pretty :)

  16. The best natural lens review by Tammy on 7/19/2012
    Review Score

    This was my third set of circle lenses. Prior to these I've tried various other natural-looking circle lenses. I have to say these are by far my favorite out of the bunch. They don't really make your eyes sparkle and twinkle like Dueba DM23 or GEO fresh, that's what makes them look so natural. They do lighten up your eye color though, if you have dark eyes. It gives your eyes a niche milk chocolate brown color. Aside from the looks, these contacts are at the top of comfort! They're super soft and barely noticeable. Sometimes I forget I have them on.

  17. PERFECT for small eyes like me review by Jenny Nguyen on 6/26/2012
    Review Score

    I have really small eyes, I don't have much of the white part in my eyes compared to other Asians so when I even wear 14.2 mm lenses they will make me look alien already. I love Monet brown because it enlarge a bit my eye iris while defining the rim outside my eyes but not in a harsh way. This is also why the lenses blend well and look so natural, no one noticed I was wearing circle lenses at all :D It won't enlarge your iris if you already have natural big eyes so I will only recommend to people who want super natural lenses. What I also love about Monet brown is that the water content is 45% and I could wear for over 12 hours with no problems at all :)

  18. Most natural-looking contacts ever! review by Jennifer on 5/31/2012
    Review Score

    For brown-eyed girls out there who want to minimum enlargement with some brightness to their eyes, I definitely recommend these contact lens to! Very natural, subtle, and beautiful. Love it, I wear it everyday :) and very comfortable too!

  19. Love it!!! review by chrissy on 5/24/2012
    Review Score

    Best quality circle lens I've ever worn! DEFINITELY recommend to anyone looking for affordable and beautiful circle lenses.Thanks!

  20. Best lens for daily wear! review by yu on 2/7/2012
    Review Score

    Just received it from the mail today, thank you for the excellent package and service!

    I prefer nature looking circle lenses because my eyes are medium sized, lens that is over 14.2mm will look quite fake for me. I don't feel a thing after put on NEO MONET, it is very comfortable to wear. Also, I don't need to put on much make up when wearing Monet because it gives my eyes a natural enlargement. My friend cannot tell if I am wearing circle lens, but when I took it off there is a big difference :D. I would recommend Neo Monet to anyone who seeks natural looking lenses with smaller eyes, Dali extra was good before, but Monet is better <3

  21. so nice review by ying on 2/7/2012
    Review Score

    the lenses are so so so natural! people will actually think your natural eye color is light brown. shipping is faster than other circlelens website. i'm very satisfied with my purchase and i'll keep order from circlelens.com

  22. VERY NATURAL! review by carying on 2/4/2012
    Review Score

    juz got my lenses and these look SUPER REAL OMG! and it's also very comfortable! didnt feel anything in my eyes ! one bad thing is that it has no enlargement effects it even makes my iris looks smaller , but other than that it is a great color love the brown !

  23. Perfect review by naomi on 12/31/2011
    Review Score

    These lenses are very glamorous yet subtle, they add a hint of brown to your eyes and bring some depth, I think it will suit dark eyes better.
    Thanks, shipping was sooo fast! and the pink boxes holding the vials very secure!!
    I'm really happy with my purchase and will buy again! ^.^

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Monet Series is one of the all time favourite designs from NEO Vision. If you are looking for a very natural lens with NO enlargement effect, Monet Brown is just for you. The light brown ring design will give your eyes a little something special that enhance your natural beauty. You can wear it to school, to work, and it is so natural that you don’t even need to wear it with make up on. Try it, and you’ll be surprised how this tiny color can bring out a great effect on you.