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Queen Brown

Quick Overview

Queen Brown, a special designed 4 Tone color lens blends bright and lively colors into your true eye colors like a magic. Whether on a daily life or on a special occasion, Queen will work for you!

Additional Information

Brand Neo Cosmo (Neo Vision)
Diameter 14.2
Enlargement Effect ★★
Water Content 45%
Base Curve 8.6
Available Power 0.00 to -10.00
Disposable Up to 1 Month (depends on usage)
Country of Origin South Korea
Certificates CE0499, GMP, ISO 13485, KFDA, UKAS 054

Availability: In stock

*Blister pack type. 1 pair of the same power per box.

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  1. Great brown lenses! review by Micah on 4/16/2014
    Review Score

    These lenses are the most comfortable by far that I've ever owned. It felt like I wasn't wearing any lenses and they look very natural. My eyes are very dark and these lenses gave me a subtle hint of a warm brown. It gave my eyes a different color without making it look fake. I'm definitely going to try another color from the queen series.

  2. Very comfortable! review by Chrissy on 12/21/2013
    Review Score

    I've been looking for comfortable and natural looking brown lens and I would say this lens feel very comfortable, the color is very subtle and blends into my natural brown eye color really well. I really like this lens so far!

  3. beautiful lenses review by K. Nguyen on 12/29/2012
    Review Score

    I wouldn't call these natural looking (due to their warm, orangey-brown tone and enlargement effect), but the blending of these lens into your natural eye color makes them seem so! These lenses are less enlarging than most circle lenses but still gives minimal enlargement - somewhere along the lines of neo's monet series. I love the softness of the design and the colour, looks great with pale skin and black hair. i can also see these going very well with gyaru-inspired tanned or pale skin and lighter hair!

  4. Beautiful colour, but not your typical brown! review by Kimberly on 9/2/2012
    Review Score

    The blending on these lenses is...to put it simply: amazing. it naturally gives your eyes a very sweet "melty" effect and the outer rim is just distinct enough to give some definition. in terms of colour the queen brown lens is a very unique brown lens - the outermost shade is an olive-brown that veers on the side of a hazelly green in bright sunlight. i really like the contrast, especially since the inner ring is a warm, orangey brown. i was worried that the effect would be jarring but the blending of the lens prevents it all from looking lizardy/sticker-like. looking forward to trying the other lens in the series, probably the grey and hazel next.

  5. Great for changing your brown eyes to amber/honey! review by Anie on 8/11/2012
    Review Score

    My first impression was that these were a beautiful enhancement on my brown eyes. They enlarge just a bit and have a very blendable pattern. I think they look great on people with darkish skin, but on me... I'm not so sure. I think they wash me out and have a slightly off-tone yellow-orange color in certain lighting conditions. The dashed ring might give them away as a lens if you have a small iris, but since my iris is pretty big, I didn't find that the ring looked unnatural, just that the color did on occasion. Overall, the Queen lenses are very nice IMO. I like their pattern (though sometimes it is stamped on crookedly!) and the honey starburst blends well into my own eye. I would like to order more colors, BUT...

    Comfort-wise I am not a fan! To me the base curve feels flatter than on some of the other Neo Vision lines, and I found them extremely uncomfortable after just an hour or so of wear. However, I have seen other people rave about their comfort, so I guess it just depends on how well-suited the curvature and material are to your own eye.

    Also, circlelens.com sent 2 lenses from different lots, so the iris pattern diameter on one was slightly larger than on the other. I doubt it was noticeable to anyone but me, but it really bothered me knowing they were not identical to each other. One also felt like it had a tighter fit. I ended up throwing them away.

  6. Love it! review by Jennifer on 4/30/2012
    Review Score

    This is my first time trying queen brown, last time I tried glamour brown. I honestly couldn't see a lot of difference...but I love the color and its enlargement; natural-looking contacts that definitely brightens your eyes. I recommend it if you want to brighten your dark brown eyes or alter a light-colored eye into this color. Love it!

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Taken two years to develop this new technology, the ‘four tone’ color lens is now available from NEO Vision. Queen series, 4 tone version of the Glamour (3 Tone) series, comes with the same pattern, but different color gradients and combinations. Overall, Queen has a brighter and more noticeable colors comparing to Glamour. Queen Brown is recommended for those who want to get lively color, with not much enlargement effect.